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Looking for car wash Gift Cards? At Kings Car Wash we offer all types of gift cards. Our most popular, Buy 4 of any wash and get the 5th FREE!

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Full Service Car Wash

Our full service car wash lets you relax while we do the dirty work. Let us clean the inside and outside of your vehicle so that you dont have to.

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Unlimited Wash Club

Our Fort Myers Best Car Wash Near Me Unlimited Wash Club is an easy and quick way to keep the cleanest car in the neighborhood. Keep your vehicle looking it’s best with our unlimited wash club. You can wash once per day if you’d like.

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Express Exterior

Express Exterior car wash is a quick way to get back on the road. You get our same quality car wash from our full service without the wait.

Choose the Right Service for You

full service interior and exterior car wash ft myers

Full Service

Our full service car wash lets you relax while we do the dirty work. Let us clean the inside and outside of your vehicle so that you don't have to

Best full service car wash fort myers,Best full service car wash near me

Express Wash

Express Car Washes are in fashion for quite a while. The entire process is just about a minute! Three entry lanes translate to minimal or no wait time

Best full service car wash fort myers,Best full service car wash near me


The art of professional car detailing, the practice of restoring and cleaning the condition of a car to its original state, we offer precise and labor-intensive detailing services for cars

Best full service car wash fort myers,Best full service car wash near me

Scratch Removal

Our technicians take great pride in the high quality of our work as well as in taking care of your vehicle. We do everything to ensure the process goes smoothly and painless

Ceramic Coatings and paint correction

Ceramic Coatings

Did you think of applying a coating of ceramic to your vehicle? We get it. Thanks to Ceramic Coating, your car will appear beautiful every day and you’re open to anything that’s durable and long-lasting

Best full service car wash fort myers,Best full service car wash near me

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of eliminating imperfections of a vehicle’s surface and then restoring it back to a brand new condition. It has gained a huge amount of recognition and respect over the last few years

Ozone Removal is great at removing odors from your vehicle interior

Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone, What’s that? How do you remove bad smells from vehicle interiors? If you have a bad smell then be sure to reach out to Kings Car Wash. We specialize in odor removal. Whether it be vomit, cigarette or cat urine we can get your ride smelling good again!

Polymer Sealant and Wax My Car

Polymer Sealant

Polymer Sealant is a synthetic nano polymer sealant that we use to lock in the shine and protect the clear coat of your paint. The process is quick if your finish is in good condition and it allows protection to your vehicles finish to help prevent against bird droppings, sap, bugs and other contaminants. Remember you still need to wash your vehicle to keep it clean!

Vehicle Upholstery Shampoo

Carpet Shampoo

How do I remove stains from my vehicles upholstery? At our fort myers car wash and auto detailing facility we have professional heated extraction equipment yo properly remove all sorts of stains from your carpet and vehicles upholstery.

Headlight Reconditioning Process

Headlight Reconditioning

How do I fix cloudy headlights? At kings our fort myers car wash specializes in headlight reconditioning to allow you to get visibility back during night driving. Our reconditioning process Carrie’s a lifetime warranty!

Clay bar my car with an auto detail

Clay Bar Service

“Clay Bar” to the vehicles exterior paint surface is like an exfoliation to your skin. It helps to open up the pourous surfaces of the clear coat and allows all the road grime and other surface contaminants to be removed leaving a baby bottom smooth like surface and reinvigorates the paints shine.

Hand Car Wash in Fort Myers

Hand Car Wash Service

Our hand car wash service gently cleans any vehicles that can not go thru our automated car wash. We also hand wash any exotic vehicles that require additional TLC. You can choose to have this service with or without our full service interior cleaning.


Sustainable Practices Good for Environment

Using Less Water but Better Cleaning.

We clean vehicles in a way that is the “Greenest” way possible. At Kings Car Wash, we use our reject water, using only a fraction of what you would use when doing a driveway car wash at your home. Our wash uses just about 22 gallons of water per vehicle and our pit catches all the soiling left behind. The AVERAGE driveway wash uses approximately 200 gallons of water, not to mention the run off into water ways. We love our clean water, lets keep it that way!

Using Eco-Friendly Detergent.

Traditional detergents can be harmful to the health of people. This is the reason we use Eco-Friendly detergents that are organic as well as safe and efficient. Organic ingredients are utilized in the production of various types of detergents.

Eliminating pollutants from Waterways.

The dirt on your car is composed of many unpleasant substances that you do not want to see leaking into storm drains and then out towards the ocean. We carefully separate harmful substances from the rinse water and take them back to the right to the sewage treatment plant where they will be properly disposed of.

Safe Disposal of Sludge.

It’s a complex procedure to properly handle and dispose of waste from car washes in a legal and safe method. Therefore, we ensure that the sludge we’ve created is properly removed.

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