Although our wash process is very safe and we use industry best equipment, King’s Car Wash cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • Valve stems that stick out past rims
  • All antennas (customer is responsible for removing them)
  • Aftermarket wheels
  • Items left in truck beds (especially straps and light items that can get caught in equipment and damage your vehicle)
  • Windows, sun roofs or moon roofs left open
  • Personal items left in vehicles
  • Loose moldings or parts
  • ANY vehicle out of warranty
  • Automatic wipers left on
  • Any non-factory installed items
  • Failure of power seat motors and windows
  • Auto-locking doors
  • Previous / Existing damage
  • Vehicles with auto park feature
  • Roof racks or light bars

You are responsible for YOUR vehicle! PLEASE READ!

Many vehicles on the road today have all sorts of modifications and notifications from the manufacturer. Many vehicles today say in the manual not to wash at a car wash.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of how your vehicle must be maintained. Many vehicles have matt paint, projecting items, antennas, unsafe roof racks and more. Please make sure you remove these items prior to entering the car wash. Please close them before entering the car wash. It is your responsibility.

Valve stems that stick out past the rim can catch the track and this could pull the valve out causing a rapid deflating tire and rim damage. Only stock valve caps should enter our wash. Please remove non stock items before proceeding into the car wash.

Antennas are the customers responsibility. Lower power antennas.  Remove metal antennas prior to entering the car wash.

Aftermarket wheels and damages that could occur by having them installed is your responsibility and alterations to tires or tire sizes is not safe.

Any items left in truck beds are your responsibility. Items can fly out, get wrapped around equipment and could damage your vehicle if not removed. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANY items that have been left in your bed or the damage it could cause.

Windows, Sunroofs, Moonroofs, leaking seals or any open area can cause water to get into your vehicle. Close windows.

Loose moldings or moldings on vehicles outside of your vehicles warranty can be problematic. We are in Florida and vehicles that spend a-lot of time outside are susceptible to brittle plastic parts. These plastic parts can easily break or blow off a vehicle causing damage to the part. Dried molding can be the cause of moldings coming off inside the car wash.

Automatic wipers that have been left on can easily get pulled off or get caught in our top wheels if not off.

It is your responsibility to make sure auto park has been disabled from your vehicle. This will cause a vehicle to lock up on the conveyor.

Any roof racks or light bars should be removed before entering the car wash.

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