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Kings car wash was just recently acquired by Adrian Jacobs a former multi location car wash owner. Kings Car Wash and Auto Detailing is in the process of many changes to make a positive impact on our level of service that we can provide to our customers. It is our goal to treat each and every customer the way we would like to be treated.

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As a teen I was fascinated with the car wash business and always wanted to own one. After highschool I went to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) for the biomedical communications and printing and desktop publishing. I worked whenever I could in between classes and traveled home when my father would set up photo shoots, weddings, dances and other photographic events for me. I don’t think I was ever seen without a camera in hand. This enabled me to put myself through school.

After college, I started working in the printing and desktop publishing world quickly moved into the financial end working with large financial businesses with their direct marketing needs. In 2000 after surpassing company expectations in mid February the company came to me and said that they wanted to reconstruct my plan. I wasn’t happy with this and asked myself what can I do that I enjoy. I throughly enjoyed cleaning, polishing and painting cars for fun. I never thought I’d be able to make a career of it. Fast Forward to 2005 I sold and moved to florida with my little brother Gabriel after my parents moved to Cape Coral, Fl in August 2004.

I ended up in retail mortgage lending in which I enjoyed very much and excelled quickly into a leader and into management for a large institution. Though the turmoil and came out thriving on the other side of the housing mess that had occurred. I chose not to participate in the recession but the regulatory over reach made things much more difficult to enjoy the business and the paperwork requirements while going paperless became a nightmare to consumers. In 2013 It became evident I wasn’t enjoying the business like I previously had and it was time to do something that brought me peace and that I enjoyed. So I woke up one morning and told my wife I was going back into the car wash business and started the search for a place. I recently sold a couple locations locally named spot on car wash in which we had the highest costumer reviews in Lee county and had been awarded best car wash in Lee county in 2018 by gulf shore life. They’ve since dissolved this designation but I’ve never stopped pushing to be the best at what we do. You’ll find me at the car wash each and every day as a working operator. I do most of my own maintenance and repairs and am always thriving to sharpen our processes to shorten wait times without compromising quality.

The challenges today in the service industry is that we are affected by wait times. There is time involved to clean a vehicle correctly and many steps in sequence to do this to obtain the best results. It is my goal to not step into the realm of the express style (fast food) car wash mentality. You can not and will not get a clean car by running this model. Unfortunately as much equipment as you can fit into a car wash tunnel it still has many limitations. It can not contour around or into many cracks, crevices and bends and shapes of the vehicle. This is where additional time comes in to prep your vehicle appropriately to make sure your vehicle is being cleaned each and every time. Without doing this you subject your vehicles paint to premature blemishes from tar, sap, bugs and many other fallout toxins that attach and then embed themselves into the clear coat of the paint. This is the reason it will take a little bit longer to get your vehicle cleaned at Kings Car Wash. We spend the time to pre clean each and every vehicle in all the areas that the tunnel equipment just can not efficiently clean and or touch.

We are always open to suggestions and look forward to servicing you and your vehicles car care needs. Keep the cleanest car in the neighborhood buy visiting us.

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