Ceramic Coatings

Auto Ceramic Coatings :

Have you thought of applying a vehicle ceramic coating to your vehicle? Thanks to a good vehicle Ceramic Coating your car will appear beautiful every day. Our Jade Quarts is a 4-year ceramic coating with robust durability. Ceramic gives you an incredible shine and increased depth of gloss. Ceramic coatings typically give a 9H hardness and create a very hard surface finish. This hard surface makes the clear coat almost impervious to falling out and other items from easily attaching to the clear coat of the paint.

Not all ceramic coatings are alike. The amount of SI02 helps to determine how good and or durable the coating truly is. Ceramic coatings do make cleaning a vehicle easier and do give very good hydrophobic properties to the painted surface.  If you’re interested in learning even more about ceramic coatings then please check out our detail center here.

Applying a 9h ceramic coating:

A painted surfaces must be prepped correctly to accept the 9h ceramic coating.  Any blemishes or artifacts should be removed to get the best surface possible. Removal of scratches, stains, artifacts, swirls, burnishing and any other things that stand out in the paint.

Clay bar my car with an auto detail

The Clay Bar

Paint clear coat needs to have all toxins removed from the surface. Think of this as the exfoliation of your skin. It allows all the junk that shouldn’t be in your paint to be removed. Synthetics allow for a safer surface prep. A lubricant is used in between the clear coat and the clay bar to keep the pad from sticking to the surface.

clay bar service on auto paint to create a smooth finish.

ceramic coating,ceramic coating and paint correction near me

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding removes blemishes from a painted surface that we can not be remove with compounds.

erasing blemishes

Clay bar my car with an auto detail

The Paint Correction

The paint correction is an extremely important step to the ceramic coating process. This step is removing scratches, leveling the surface, removing blemishes and other artifacts from the paint. Good prep is the means to an amazing end result. The depth of scratches and the severity determines a 3 step recondition or a 2 step condition.

2 step or 3 step paint reconditioning

You’ve committed to a ceramic coating. Now the reconditioning. The difference between a 2 step or a 3 step is simple. Just one more step. Why is the process expensive for this process?

You must be able to wet sand paint, compound and polish. Some vehicles will need a heavy compound to remove any oxidation and heavy surface artifacts or scratches. Typically a heavy compound could include a wet sand of spot areas or an entire vehicle. Sanding with grits of 800-3000 is not uncommon. Compounds bring the surface to life.

  • Step 1: Start at 800-1000. for heavy blemish removal
  • Step 2: Use 1200-1500 for medium size scratches
  • Step 3: 2000+ for a swirl free finish

Ceramic Pre-Prep:

Now we are ready to clean your vehicle with a special cleaner. In order for the ceramic coating to take correctly it must have a clean surface.

Ceramic Installation:

Now we are ready for ceramic. The installer begins by applying a thin level coating to the vehicle. It is not as simple as just applying a ceramic coating.  After the ceramic install the vehicle must cure over night inside an enclosed safe area away from any elements. You will have problems by not doing this.

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