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Fleet Vehicle Washing

Kings Car Wash can offer your business Fleet and Corporate vehicle washing. Fleet vehicle cleaning is important to maintain your companies image. Our Fleet car wash cleaning is mostly automated but we can do hand washing on vehicles needing more tlc. Commerical vehicle cleaning  can easily increase morale and make employees feel better about the job that they are doing. Being able to drive in a freshly clean vehicle just feels good! After staff gets back to the office or shop the last thing they want to worry about is cleaning their own work vehicle. They already need to clean their personal vehicle.

When you own your own vehicle your in charge of the appearance and cleaning schedule. Staff is typically at the mercy of what a business has authorized for them to maintain a company vehicle. Many times we find broken glass, scratches, scuffs, stains and more that can create an unsanitary or unsafe environment for a staff member.

King’s Car Wash can do a windshield inspection for you and can schedule to have your glass replaced. With insurance broken, chipped or cracked windshield glass is a $0 deductible in the state of Florida.

Stains can be removed creating a cleaner more sanitary environment for your staff members.

Scratches and scuffs many times can be removed and you’d never know they were ever there. This creates a better looking vehicle which helps a corporate image.

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