Auto Detailing

At Kings you have a choice. You can choose just a quick exterior car wash just to rinse the dust off or a variety of auto detailing services. We offer both interior and exterior services. A la carte or 2 different full complete auto details to clean your car in fort myers, fl. Get exactly what your car needs with our full service interior cleaning or from our full detail menu. We specialize in cleaning cars the right way. At Kings we know that just spraying a little prep juice on your vehicle and hitting a button isn’t going to get you clean. Think of us as best service Car Washes. We take the time to gently prep your vehicle in all the areas that the tunnel car wash equipment just can’t clean correctly. We personally assess each and every vehicle and brush, or agitate the areas that we know just can’t be reached by any tunnel equipment as your vehicle passes by. After we’ve loosened all these areas we send your vehicle into the car wash to be throughly cleaned, rinsed and polished dry with our state of the art Buff n Shine machine.

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Auto Detailing in Ft Myers

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