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Window heat rejecting window tinting fort myerstint heat rejection film is a great way to not only keep unwanted UV rays out of your vehicle, but it can also aid in keeping heat out.

Heat rejection window tinting film can come in various types of film materials. Having a heat rejection window film can help to protect your interior plastics against melting, cracking and turning colors. The window tint with heat rejection can also help to mitigate your interior from fading and stitching getting worn. It will also help to keep your leather seats nice and plush. Not to mention when you get into your vehicle on a hot day it will help to make cooling your vehicle off quicker with much less effort. Reducing the effort of cooling reduces the stress on your vehicles engine and can help to improve fuel economy.


  • Dyed film material – Dyed window tint film is the least expensive film out there. Although it may look great when installed it has some long-term flaws. Window tinting film that is dyed typically does not block heat coming into the vehicle. Not only does it not block heat but the cheaper the film the quicker it can turn colors. Have you ever seen a purple window tint on a car? Purple window tint can occur from an inexpensive film that has been on the vehicle for some time. Dyed window tint can also fade within a short amount of time. Typically, people will end up saving money in the beginning by looking for the cheapest window tinting around. In the end it will end up costing more as you’ll need to pay for the removal and installation of better-quality window tinting film.


  • Carbon window tint film – Carbon is a great product and the better-quality carbon window film wont turn colors like a dyed window tint film. Carbon window tinting film also does have some heat rejection properties. Our film is made in the USA by ASWF and it rejects approximately 60% of the heat coming into the vehicle. Our carbon window tint film blocks over 99% of the UV rays from entering the vehicle.


  • Metal window tint film is not something we use for a few reasons. Although metal window film has some great properties, it can cause issues with electronics and reception within the vehicle from working correctly.


  • Ceramic window tint is the premier window film currently made. ASWF vehicle window tint film is also made in the USA. It is the only film to our knowledge that is manufactured in a single pass. Ultimately producing a better-quality ceramic film than other tint manufactures with great clarity. It is thicker than many other films and is embedded with ceramic particles to help reduce the heat coming into your vehicle by up to and sometimes more than 80%. Ceramic heat rejection window tinting is great for getting into your vehicle on those hot days. Turn your AC up and see how quickly your vehicle begins to cool off.


  • Dimension IRP – Is the measure of special extent. If your looking for the absolute best quality on the market than ASWF American Standard Window Film Dimensions is it. 995 UV rejection, an ultra durable hard finish and it is manufactured in the USA in Las Vegas, Nevada. It blocks 96% of the heat coming into the vehicle. All of their dimension films block over 52% of the solar energy coming in and the darker the film the more solar energy blocked.


Whether you’re looking to replace window tint or add new tint to a new vehicle or an existing vehicle, we can help. Stop in to see our heat rejection window tint demo today and see for yourself what all the buzz in ceramic window tinting is about.

heat rejection window tinting

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