Washing the Underside of Your Car: Benefits and Best Practices

Washing the Underside of Your Car: Benefits and Best Practices

Is washing the underside of your car important? How do you do it properly? This article answers these questions and more, helping your vehicle stay safe and look great on the road.

What You Should Know About Car Washing

Buying a vehicle is a significant investment and one you’ll want to protect. You can ensure your car stays clean, looks great, and runs well for a long time by washing it regularly. However, you don’t want to neglect washing the underside of your car.

Many car owners routinely wash a car’s body and wheels but don’t even glance under the vehicle. They may neglect undercarriage cleaning for several reasons:

  • They don’t think it’s important
  • They think it’s bad for a car
  • They don’t know how to do it

Why Washing Underneath a Car Is Important

You probably already know why washing your car every so often is essential. Washing a vehicle helps it look like new and protects your paint job. With polymer paint sealant and wax, you can reduce the damaging effects of water and harmful UV rays.

What about washing underneath your car? Is that important too? The answer is yes.

First, you should understand what makes up the undercarriage. Your car’s underbody consists of suspension, steering, braking, and exhaust systems, all of which can get dirty and corrode over time. These systems must work at peak performance to ensure your car operates smoothly and everyone stays safe.

Road salt, dust, dirt, and grime can cake on the undercarriage as you drive. Other elements like water and high temperatures can also affect the underbody. You’ll want to keep your entire car clean, applying rust-proofing and corrosion-resisting products and giving your vehicle’s systems some TLC to function correctly.

Myths About Washing Your Car’s Underbody

Some car owners not only think washing a car’s underbody isn’t necessary, but they think it’s downright harmful. After all, what if you get water in your car’s central systems?

Some car wash services include an underbody rinse. If underbody cleaning were such a bad thing for your car, car washes wouldn’t be doing it for you.

How to Wash a Car’s Undercarriage

The best way to wash your car’s undercarriage is by getting a professional wash. When you go to a car wash, select a service for washing the underside of your car. This will ensure a thorough, efficient, and careful job.

Another option is to wash your car’s underbody yourself. This method is more challenging, but it’s an alternative.

FAQs About Underbody Cleaning

Do you still have questions about washing your car’s undercarriage? Here are some FAQs you may find helpful. We also have state-of-the-art interior and exterior car washes to give you the best experience.

How often should you perform underbody cleaning?

In most cases, you’ll probably want to clean underneath your car four times per year. Each season can cause different wear and tear on the undercarriage, and you’ll want to reduce the damage. You should wash your car more frequently if you drive in unpaved areas (dirt roads, gravel paths, etc.).

What damage might a car’s undercarriage face?

Your vehicle’s undercarriage could face damage from multiple factors. Road salt can keep highways safe during the winter, but it can rust and corrode your car, truck, or SUV. Mud, rocks, grass, and debris can also get stuck in your underbody and result in long-term damage.

Is rust an issue with underbody washing?

If you’re washing the underside of your car at home, you risk leaving excess moisture on your vehicle. This could lead to rust problems in the future. A professionally trained technician can wash your vehicle and dry it properly.

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