Auto Leather Upholstery Cleaning at our Ft Myers Auto Detail Center

leather upholstery cleaning
Are you interested in removing stains from your leather seats? Dirt, grime and other stains make there way into the texture of leather seats easily. It doesn’t appear to be dirty initially because it happens gradually over time. Once cleaned it is usually a “WOW” I didn’t realize my seats were that dirty. If you have stubborn stains in your car then give the experts at Kings Car Wash in Fort Myers a shout. Now, if you don’t currently have stains on the leather seats of your vehicle than you can easily maintain the leather. Each week when you wash your vehicle simply take a clean damp microfiber and wipe your seats down. Then each month condition your seats. Leather conditioner feeds the skin of your leather seats and allows them to stay soft and supple. This will keep your leather upholstery looking like new for many years to come.

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