Headlight Rejuvenation Process

headlight reconditioning,headlight rejuvenation

headlight rejuvenation process

At Kings our headlight rejuvenation process is extensive. Depending on the cloudiness or texture to the headlights we will start with 320 to 600 grit wet sand paper. We tape off the headlight perimeter, then we clean the surface of the headlights. After cleaning the surface of the vehicles headlights we begin the wet sanding process. Every square inch needs to be sanded down evenly. Then we go to the next step of sand paper, which would be 600-800 grit wet sand paper. We then remove all previous sanded marks with a cross hatch motion. Once those are removed we go to 1200-1500 grit and repeat the process. We then will go to 2000 and then 3000 grit. Once the final sanded scratches are reduced to a minimum we then move to a compound to remove the remaining scratch lines. Once compounding has been completed we then polish the headlight with a less abrasive material and then we put a polymer sealant on the headlights.  The headlight rejuvenation can be maintained simply by just sealing the headlights 1x per month. This will keep a good coat of protection on the headlight and it will also help to clean the plastic headlight surface of any deterioration it has had over the month. By doing this we can assure that your headlights will always look great and that you’ll be able to see clearly at night. Check out some other headlight restorations we’ve completed here. Our before and after headlight reconditioning pictures.

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